Departmental Bulletin Paper 介護過程教育の方法 : 模擬事例を使ったアセスメント教育についての一考察
A Method of the Care Process Education:A Discussion on Assessment Education Using Simulated Cases

嶋田, 直美

In Japan, by 2025, with a rapidly aging population, an increasing numberof elderly are expected to require long-term care for both dementia andother ailments. Improving the quality of the care human resources toaddress the greater sophistication and diversity of the care needs thereforebecomes an essential issue. To provide specialized long-term care practiceas specialists, certified care workers must be fostered in training education,which must play a pivotal role. Therefore, long-term care process educationmust enhance the assessment ability of care workers. This paper presentsan overview of the background to the introduction of the care processeducation for improving the quality of certified care workers and describesthe process in the certified care worker training facility (two-year course)where the author works. It reviews “assessment education” using “papersimulated cases” and discusses the identified future challenges forassessment education. The identified challenges include the following: (1)the design of the simulated cases should facilitate an understanding of thestatus and circumstances of the users, (2) care workers should be able touse knowledge from the field of “physical and emotional mechanisms,” (3)the learning they gain must help them develop logical thinking ability, (4) itmust improve their thinking process and ability to describe results fromthe thought process, and (5) it should enhance education to help careworkers develop a broader perspective of life.

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