Departmental Bulletin Paper 指定管理者が運営する公立図書館における有期労働契約職員の労働などについての多面的検討 : 足立区立竹の塚図書館労働関係存在確認等請求事件を手掛かりとして
A Multifaceted Study on the Status of Non-regular Employees in Japanese Public Libraries Run by Designated Companies

山本, 順一

This paper deals with public libraries and their workers in comparisonbetween Japan and US.Japanese central government has made localgovernments conduct designated manager system from 2003 now on.About15per cent of municipal libraries are run by certain designatedcompanies or joint ventures.This Japanese designated manager systemapplied to public libraries is unusual in the world,and this way ofmanagement has produced lots of precariat librarians and extremely poorlibrary assistants.This paper shows Japanese unbelievably miserable workplace inJapanese public libraries,taking,as a representative example,AdachiWard Takenotsuka Branch Library(run by a small local metal processingcompany)case.The extremely low wage and terrible labor conditions ofthe female vice director in this case is closely connected with the wholepresent socio-economic-political framework in Japan.The author’sworkplace is the same.

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