Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における農業共同組織の展開と課題
Development Processes and Problems of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations in China

王, 家熙  ,  大島, 一二

In this paper, we examine the development process of agriculturalcooperative organizations in China. In rural China, Farmers’ ProfessionalCooperative recently has become widespread and so important that itsdevelopment and role should be historically analyzed.Development of Agricultural cooperative organization in China can bedivided into three processes; the first (1952-1978) stage is those ofAgricultural cooperatives and People’s communes, the second (around 1978-2006) stage in which cooperative organizations have been established underAgriculture acceptance system, the third (2006-2017) stage is that ofFarmers’ Professional Cooperative.At the third stage, small-size farm houses found difficulties to keepadvanced agricultural technology to enter the market with expandingmarket economy under a market-opening reform policy. Therefore, thefarmers and the government were expecting the Cooperative’sdevelopment so as to cope with various problems actively. The law ofFarmers’ Professional Cooperative was approved in October 2006, enactedsince 2007 and become a new start of cooperative organization in ruralChina.

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