Departmental Bulletin Paper 縮小する国内産業の構造変化についての一考察 : 自動車用補修部品産業における商社・卸売業を中心に
A Study of Structural Changes Faced by the Decline in Domestic Industry : Focusing on Trading and Wholesale Firms Engaged in Automotive Repair Parts Trades

義永, 忠一

The objective of this paper is to clarify the roles of trading and wholesalefirms engaged in automotive repair parts trades in the face of the ongoingcontraction of domestic demand. The term “repair parts trades” as used inthis paper refers to trades engaged in the distribution of automotive repairparts from their leaving a factory to being provided to users; provided,however, that it does not include repair parts manufacturers themselves.This paper lets the following four fact-findings speak for themselves:(1) The statistics indicate that the distribution of quality automotive partsin Japan has been in significant decline among other automotive repairparts whose distribution in Japan is on the decline;(2) With a focus on wholesale firms dealing with automotive parts, whichplay a prominent role in the distribution of quality parts, thesewholesale firms were divided into two groups on the basis of 20 billionyen in sales. Wholesale firms meeting the sales amount criterion werefound to have successfully stimulated overseas demand;(3) Given that this paper focuses on the structure of the domesticindustry, attention was paid to those wholesale firms whose salesamount did not meet the criterion. As a result, Yamato Automobile Co.Ltd. was selected as an automotive parts wholesale firm that saw itssales amount increase on a continuing basis; and(4) Qualitative research conducted on Yamato Automobile Co. Ltd. foundthat the firm carried out restructuring after its succession of businessto enhance investment in information systems and to improveefficiency, thereby increasing its business connections.The above-stated fact-findings demonstrate that the role of trading/wholesale firms engaged in automotive repair parts trades in Japan is toprovide an efficient commercial distribution service to customers. However,in a declining business environment, business firms run more efficientlycould intensively undertake this role. Hence, future issues faced by trading/wholesale firms are not only to concentrate on the distribution of others’goods for commercial use but also on their own development of goods forcommercial use. It remains to be addressed in the future how trading/wholesale firms should take the initiative in developing new products withparts manufacturers and how trading/wholesale firms and partsmanufacturers should interact with each other.

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