Departmental Bulletin Paper 生徒指導の実践の場としての部活動の教育的意義 : 社会的なリテラシー育成の視点からの検討
Educational Significance of Club Activities As Opportunities to Practice Students Guidance : A View Point of Development of Societal Literacy

川口, 厚

In the current course of study, club activities are said to help improvestudents’ motivation to learn, sense of responsibility, and nurturing ofsolidarity. It has been shown that it is important to be mindful of theassociation with the curriculum as part of overall school education.In club activities, there are many occasions and opportunities for studentsto learn the functions of student guidance and practice. In addition, “TheStudent Guidance Summary” shows the importance of fostering societalliteracy as an important goal of student guidance.Research on the educational significance of club activities has beenaccumulated in educational psychology and physical education. However,there has been very little academic research done related to the functions ofextracurricular activities and student guidance. It also seems that researchstudies on the social qualities and abilities that students need to nurturehave been inadequate.The purpose of this paper is to consider the educational significance ofclub activities as a place for student guidance from the viewpoint of societalliteracy development. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey wasconducted for students enrolled in a teacher training course at oneuniversity that explored societal literacy cultivated through club activitiesand guidance on club activities by teachers. The results suggest that clubactivities are beneficial educational activities that contribute to nurturingstudents’ societal literacy.

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