Departmental Bulletin Paper 継続性にも配慮したアカデミック・ライティング 科目の設計と実践(1)
Design and Use of Subject of Academic Writing with Consideration of Continuity

藤間 , 真  ,  櫛井, 亜依  ,  向村, 九音  ,  高良, 要多  ,  横山, 恵理

To meet contemporary demand, Momoyama Gakuin University reorganized its subject of academicwriting, undertaking fundamental review of existing subject.In this report, we first exam the questions raised by that work:-Why did our old subject became obsolete?-What are the changes in students’ needs that were not met by the old subject for 30 years?-What should we offer to our students with new subject?-What kind of design of organization for management of the subject should be done in order tokeep new subject from becoming obsolete?After that, we report the outline of the new subject.Furthermore, analyzing the practical results of the subject in its first year, we verify and reporton its effectiveness.

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