Departmental Bulletin Paper アクティブ・ラーニングとしての経済実験導入の検討 : 経済学部演習における実践
Using Classroom Experiments to Teach Behavior Economics : A Case Study on Seminar at the Faculty of Economics

吉田, 恵子

The situation surrounding university education in Japan is rapidly changing due to the decliningbirthrate, aging of society, globalization, and the progress of information technology. Under thecondition, it is important for universities to improve educational technique. Active learning isdifferent from traditional lecturing styles in classrooms.In this paper, I introduce examples of active learning through economic experiments in thethird and fourth-year student’s seminar of the Faculty of Economics. The members of the seminarare eleven; female and male students are seven and four respectively. Through twice experimentsconducting, all students experienced giving twice academic presentations and writing theirteam graduation thesis.The results of the interview suggested that students conducted economic experiments, notonly foundation and application skill of behavioral economics but also some basic abilities forsociety people such as planning, teamwork, and communication skills.

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