Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域資料の豊かさを社会に活かす営みとは : オープンデータ化のなかで
Using the Abundance of Local Materials to Benefit Society : In the Context of the Shift to Open Data

島田, 克彦  ,  後藤, 真  ,  谷合, 佳代子

This paper records the proceedings of “A Gathering to Think about the Preservation and Useof Local Materials in Osaka,” convened by the Local Materials Study Group (Chiiki shiryo kenkyukai)on March 11, 2017. According to Mr. Makoto GOTO’s lecture, the comprehensivematerial studies (sogo shiryo-gaku) promoted by the National Museum of Japanese History(Rekihaku) has been linked to a digital network of data materials from universities and museumsacross Japan for building a new model for research. This mission was supported by the technicalachievement, thanks to online open data, represented by the fact that a variety of materials datacan now be shared and accessed by anyone anywhere and at any time. The spread of open datais leading us to reconsider the role of historians and holds the possibility of realizing the creationof a truly flat society. The Local Materials Study Group has raised the question of how thepreservation and utilization of local materials can be universally sought and realized incontemporary society. All our participants have engaged in workshops in response to the lectureand this challenge. Historians, librarians, and others engaged in the restoration and study of localmaterials, as well as in cultural activities that use local materials, and exchanged their respectiveviews on possible ways of preserving and utilizing local materials.

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