Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における農業・農村政策の展開 : 2000年以降の農地政策を中心に
Unknown Enemy Aliens : Japanese Civilian Internees in the Tatura Internment Camp Observed by an Australian Warder

大島, 一二

In this paper, recent development of Chinese agriculture and Rural policy have been examinedwith considering current agricultural problems in China.Firstly, it focused on the decision made at Third Plenary Session, 17th National Congress ofthe Communist Party of China on 2008, in which in-depth measures for construction ofagricultural managing organization and farmland liquidation were announced. Policy forrationalizing utilization of farmland was introduced then in order to centralize petty farmers’decentralized farmland into large-scale farm houses so as to make their management moreefficient.Secondary, it explained agricultural policies made at The 13th Five Year Plan on 2017, whichintroduced centralization on farmlands, food security measures and the reform of distributionchannels as well.Finally, improvements rural infrastructure was discussed.

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