Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国におけるビール市場の構造変化と主要メーカーの動向
Structural Change in Chinese Beer Market and Trends of Major Manufacturers

森, 路未央  ,  大島, 一二

China is the biggest beer consuming country and accounts for a 1/4share of world consumption. World major beer manufacturers have paidclose attention on Chinese market.Beer production, however, reached its peak in 2013 and have droppedevery year after that. Recent shrinking trend of beer market in China canbe roughly classified into two causes; political and structural. Politically,thrift ordinances influenced poor sales for restaurants. Structurally, shiftstoward expensive products due to increasing income and life-style changehave been observed. Demands for liquors has been diverted, such asincreasing demands for wine and whisky.2016 ranking order and shares were as follows: 1. China ResourcesEnterprise (25.6%), 2. Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited (17.2%), 3.Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. (16.2%), 4. Yanjing Brewery Company Limited(9.3%), 5. Carlsberg (5.0%). These top 5 companies have a share of 73.3% inChinese market. As for Japanese companies, Suntory ranked in 8th with ashare of 1.1%, Kirin in 12th (0.2%), and Asahi in 15th (0.1%).In this paper, we analyzed the change of Chinese beer market andtrends of major beer manufacturers.

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