Departmental Bulletin Paper 共働的コミュニティの特徴を持つ自動車ディーラーの研究 : ネッツトヨタ南国のケース
Study of the Auto Dealer with a Characteristic of the Collaborative Community : Case of Netz Toyota Nangoku

山田, 伊知郎

Collaborative community is an organizational property which isorganized community based on the reliability relationship between human,and perform businesses by horizontal and vertical interdependence humanrelations.The purpose of this study is to identify one organization withwhich kind of management style such as new human relationship theory,high commitment HRM, collaborative community, or management by socialrelationship capital. Those organizational management styles are calledcommitment management compared with conventional management style.After those organizational management styles are summarized, categorieswhich clear up the differences among commitment management areextracted, such as management subject, reliability, personal autonomousaction, network structure, and the concrete management. By using thosecategories, an auto dealer, Netz Toyota Nangoku is analyzed by interviewresearch. Interview is performed on September 7th to 9th, 2016 with 20employees at the dealer.It is obvious that there is deep human-relationship all over theorganization, and social identity of the interdependence is formed in it. As aresult, it is clear that collaborative community which mentioned byHeckscher & Adler(2006) is formed at the auto dealer. The new employeebreeds a relationship of mutual trust through a process of the learning ofthe duties from a senior employee, and, after a process to melt intocorporate culture, extended reproduction of the corporate culture seems tobe enabled.

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