Departmental Bulletin Paper 日韓学術・教育・文化交流史(Ⅲ・完) : 桃山学院大学・啓明大学校交流(1981-2016) の歩み
Academic, Educational and Cultural Exchange between Japan and Korea : The Momoyama Gakuin-Keimyung University Exchange Programme, 1981-2016

徐, 龍達  ,  伊代田, 光彦

This paper deals with the history of academic, education and cultural exchange betweenMomoyama Gakuin (Osaka) and Keimyung (Daegu) University (19812016). Ever since theyestablished their sister university relationship on 14 December 1981, the two universitiesdeveloped multi-level exchanges among academics, students and administrative staffs and haveobtained rich results. This is perhaps not only the longest but also the most worthwhile andunique example of the sister university-exchange between Japan and Korea. We explore thisaccomplishment by tracing the development of each individual exchange. The paper also includes(1) the prehistory of exchange agreement, (2) professors’ opinions from the perspective ofKeimyung University, and (3) some views of the international exchange by important universityposts in the supplement. Finally, we have included a tentative conclusion with evaluationcomments.[This issue covers from Chap. 5 to the end. See the previous issues, 42(1), 2016 for Preface,Chaps. 1, 2, 3, and Resources I ; 42(3), 2017 for Chap. 4 and Resources II.]

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