Departmental Bulletin Paper 若年性認知症の人の居場所づくりの実践 : 桃山なごみ会の活動初期に焦点を当てて
Practice of Making Places of Residence for Younger People with Dementia : Focusing on the Momoyama Nagomi Self-help Group

杉原, 久仁子

Until several decades ago, people believed dementia to be a disease primarily affecting elderlypeople, therefore diagnosis methods to detect early onset were late in being developed.Nowadays it is recognized that problems experienced by patients and their families due to earlyonset of the disease are different from those in a senile state. Including economic difficulties, difficultiesin child rearing, and caring for elderly parents, people commonly recognize that thoseproblems have significant effects on their lives and therefore many informal organizations try torespond to such problems. This also means that support provided by the social welfare systemis poor. Informal support activities contribute significantly to the social involvement of patientsand their families and their influence has been increasing along with additional introduction ofcontacts with local governments on the back of public opinion and measures to provide supportfor dementia. It is important that informal supportive organizations offering places where patientscan belong continue to take action in many areas.

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