Departmental Bulletin Paper 高齢者の「第三の居場所」のデザイン
Design of “third place” for the elderly

鈴木, 幾多郎

Society with ageing rate exceeding 21% is called super aged society. Japan has an ageing rateof 21% in 2007. Japan is now a super aged society. Super aged society means the arrival of along-lived society where more people can live longer. A super aged society must be a societywhere elder people can fell motivated and a society that people realize what elder people havelong lived in.Older age is a period of loss of relationship with people in many cases. One of the socialparticipation activities of the elderly, in which a “third place” where elder people build arelationship with new others is important in super aged society.Social participation activities are the process of voluntarily selecting and participating bynecessity, purpose and ability, confirming the significance of self in encounter with other peopleand collaborating.“Third place” becomes important in super aged society. This paper discusses about the issueof how society creates and provides “third place” for the elderly from the viewpoint of marketingthinking.

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