Departmental Bulletin Paper 香港フードエキスポにおける日本産農産物・食品の販売戦略
Sales Strategies of Japanese Agricultural Products and Foods at Hong Kong Food Expo

大島, 一二

In this paper, I examined sales and promotion strategies of Japanese agricultural products andfoods through those who exhibited Hong Kong Food Expo (HKTDC), one of the largest foodexhibition in East Asia. After the registration of Japanese dishes to World Heritage in 2013, aboom of Japanese foods has been observed especially in Asia. In Hong Kong, people are enjoyingvarious Japanese restaurants as well. This boom is obviously accelerating exports of Japaneseagricultural products. However, Japanese agricultural producers were mainly selling theirproducts in the domestic markets and their strategies toward the foreign markets still remain invulnerable stage. This paper aims to seek insights through the examination of the strategies usedat Hong Kong Food Expo.Hong Kong’s food market has following characteristic points ;1) It is the biggest counter partner of exports of Japanese agricultural foods and products,2) There is no tariff on imports of Japanese foods and products basically, no non-tariff barrier butfor a few exceptions. It is in a favorable condition as an export partner.3) It is close to Japan and carriage procedures are simple.4) Most of Hong Kong people have visited Japan several times and are interested in Japanesefoods and culture.Thus, an analysis of Hong Kong Food Expo can provide us a good practice of strategies ofselling and promoting Japanese agricultural foods and products overseas.

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