Departmental Bulletin Paper 『ババッド・タナ・ジャウィ』におけるムラピ山 : 精霊と火砕流
Mt. Merapi as Depicted in the Babad Tanah Jawi : Spirits and Natural Disaster

深見, 純生

The Babad Tanah Jawi (Meinsma edition) mentions Mt. Merapi 10 times, of which the first4 cases constitute a series of stories culminating in a battle at Prambanan between Pajang andMataram. From the story we find that Mt. Merapi houses spirits that originate from the sameancestor as that of the Mataram kings, that Mt. Merapi and human society correspond with eachother, that Mt. Merapi to the north of the Mataram kingdom seems to be an equal partner of theSouthern Sea as protector of the kingdom, and lastly that the ruler of the spirits of Mt. Merapi is,however, not mentioned in the babad, unlike Ratu Rara Kidul in the Southern Sea, who isdescribed elaborately as the protector of the kingdom.

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