Departmental Bulletin Paper バングラデシュ海外出稼ぎ者の夢と葛藤 : 出稼ぎ先ギリシャと出身農村社会の狭間で
Discourse and Reality of Overseas Life of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers : Between Greece and Rural Bangladesh

南出, 和余

This paper describes the perception and reality of overseas life of Bangladeshi migrant workersfrom the perspective of both the workers themselves and their Bangladeshi rural village. Thiscase study was conducted in one of the villages in Jamalpur, a central northern district inBangladesh, and in Athens, Greece, one of the migrant destinations for Bangladeshi youth fromthe village. The actual situation of being an overseas worker in Greece is very different fromwhat they imagined in Bangladesh. In addition, because of the economic crisis in Europe, theyare no longer eligible for a residence permit in Greece and are forced to stay as an illegal migrant.However, they recognize that overseas work, especially in Europe, shapes their social status intheir home village, and that they rely on that status to build self-esteem. It could be said that theydepend on their social status in Bangladeshi rural society even while they work abroad. Thispaper depicts the gap between the perception of overseas work in Bangladeshi rural society andreality in Greece, from the context of their “dreams” and “struggles.”

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