Departmental Bulletin Paper ギデンズのコント研究 : 実証主義批判の展開
Giddens’ Studies on Comte’s Works : Critical Examination of Positivism

宮本, 孝二

The works of Auguste Comte(1798-1857)who coined the neologism‘sociology’ have exerted an extraordinary influence over the developmentof positivism in social theory. This paper, the sixth one of my project‘Giddens and Sociologists’, aims to explore how Anthony Giddens, one ofmost famous sociologists in the contemporary world, constructed hismethodological theory by critical examination of positivism rising fromComte’s works, and to find a new way how to solve some problems whichhave remained unresolved. The main findings are as follows.First, Giddens’ references to Comte’s works can be classified into generaltheory, theory on modern society and methodological theory. Giddensadvocated double hermeneutics as the methodological theory againstpositivism. Second, in the book in which Giddens firstly advocated doublehermeneutics, he discussed some theoretical points concerning themethodological theory. Though those were problems of paradigm,relativism, adequacy and so on, he could not arrange them in doublehermeneutics. Third, through rethinking the total process of knowing andexpressing, we can find a way how to arrange them in double hermeneutics.

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