Departmental Bulletin Paper 岩猿敏生司書官誕生と大学図書館経営の学問的遍歴のはじまり : 九州大学附属図書館司書官時代
Toshio Iwasaru’s Days as the Kyushu University’s Librarian : His Academic Passway from the Origin to Being a University Library Management Professional

山中, 康行

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the time of the KyushuUniversity Library that first worked as a liaison officer and to study hisfootsteps. I will examine the academic image of university librarymanagement and library science based on the first paper “Theory ofLibrary Studies Methodology”. Through literature research on relatedworks, as the chief executive officer of the administrative officer who gotto the librarian after graduation from the imperial university, an attempt toestablish “library science as academic” of the fundamental principle oflibrary management (administration). How did you develop and change it asa senior staff on the National University Library timely according to theaccumulation of practical work and research? I will clarify the beginningby considering it according to the social context at the time. I’d like tolead the Japanese Library world after war I will clarify the first stepapproaching the overall university library management and library(Information) studies.

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