Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校経営と「総合的な学習の時間」
School Management and the Period for Integrated Studies

伊藤, 潔志

This paper is designed to shed light on the ideal approach to curriculummanagement within the context of school management, drawing on thehandling of “the Period for Integrated Studies.” The reason why the paperwill focus on the Period for Integrated Studies is as follows: As is widelyknown, the Period for Integrated Studies is an area that was newlyestablished in 1998. However, we cannot think of this in the same way wewould the creation of a new subject or a new course. It is the standpoint ofthis paper that the creation of the Period for Integrated Studiessignificantly changed the way in which we approach curriculum and, as aresult, brought about major changes to school management and, above all,to curriculum management.The Period for Integrated Studies stands out prominently if we look atthe types of curriculum as well. Certainly, as a curriculum, the Period forIntegrated Studies is not all that unusual. However, by introducingintegrated study into an educational program based on a subject-focusedcurriculum, it significantly changed the overall educational program, and asa result, it is extremely significant in terms of curriculum theory. ThePeriod for Integrated Studies includes a new educational principle offostering a “Zest for Living,” which urges schools and teachers to changetheir previous views of education and improve their teaching methods. Inthat sense, the Period for Integrated Studies is an educational innovationthat has changed the overall educational program. Therefore, curriculummanagement should be advanced with the Period for Integrated Studies atits core.

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