Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国農村における耕作放棄地の再利用の実態に関する分析 : 武漢市緑美園公司の事例分析
Reuse of Abandoned Cultivated Lands in Rural China : A Case Study of Lumeiyuan Company in Wuhan City

王, 家熙  ,  大島, 一二

In China, enormous farmers recently have migrated from rural area tocities. Income difference between cities and farm areas caused thismigration. Decreasing labor brought increasing abandonment of cultivatedlands, which would affect Chinese agriculture production seriously.Recently Chinese rural governments are tackling reuse of expandingabandoned cultivated lands as a policy challenge.In this study, we carried out a survey on a case of Lumeiyuan Companylocated in Jingshan village, Xinzhou ward, Wuhan city in Hubei province.This company is engaging in agricultural business, Nongjiale (greentourism), forestry business (planting for greening system), constantlycontracting these abandoned cultivated lands and maintaining farmingmore efficiently.This paper aims to examine Lumeiyuan Company’s challenge and makea study on farmland usage issues which are inevitable for futuredevelopment of Chinese agriculture.

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