Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国の農村開発における非農業部門の役割と就業機会の創出 : 農村における第3次産業の振興を中心に
Non-agricultural Sector’s Role of Creating Job Opportunities in Rural China:Focusing on the Promotion of Tertiary Industry

大島, 一二

Rapid development of non-agricultural sectors (especially secondary andtertiary) can be accounted as one of the most drastic change after 1980 inrural China. Although these non-agricultural sectors, especially ruralindustrial enterprises (Xiang-zhen Qi-ye) have been quickly developed in1980, begun to decline since latter half of 1990s.It has been one of the major causes of movement of young labors out oftheir birthplaces. For long periods, tertiary industry has been stagnantunder the socialism economy.Even now, only a few grocery stores and few middle/small supermarketsstand in our research site in Shandong province.In this paper, we examined development of rural economy caused byflourishing rural tertiary industries (retail business, transport industry, foodservice industry and so on) and creation of job opportunities thorough thequestionnaire survey of farmers in 5 villages in Laiyang city, Shandongprovince and interviews to the related persons of the rural governmentand enterprises in November 2015.

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