Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学教育改革と「建学の精神」に基礎づけられた個性化 : 桃山学院大学の課題と可能性
University Educational Reform and the Individualization Based on “the Spirit of Foundation” : The Challenge and Possibilities of St. Andrew’s University in Japan

谷口, 照三

This thesis examines “the reform of higher education”, especially “the university educationalreform” in Japan which is currently in progress, in a critical way and survey the challenges andpossibility of St. Andrew’s University (Momoyama Gakuin University) related to “individualization”based on “the spirit of foundation”.First, after examining the characteristics and issues on the university educational reform thatis in progress nationwide currently, it was verified that the challenges of university educationalreform in the future is the direction of individualization through “the spirit of foundation” and thecontext of historical society at present, especially “the risk society and reflexive modernization”.Secondly, from this perspective, the progress of the realization of “the spirit of foundation” ofSt. Andrew’s University up to today was evaluated critically. Our educational philosophy is to nurture“citizens of the world” based on “the spirit of foundation” which is “the spirit of freedom andlove” as “the Christian ethos”.Furthermore, emphasis was on the attention point related to the communization of interpretationof “the spirit of freedom and love” and “citizens of the world” form the results inquest above.Finally, the fact that draft proposal for the task in education and research may be more importantthan ever to our university were suggested through clarifying the philosophical perspectiveof “citizens of world”.This thesis is an revised version by adding and amending of my manuscript, “Direction ofUniversity Educational Reform and Realization of ‘the Spirit of Foundation’: Survey of thePossibility of St. Andrew’s University” published in the Chapter 4 of The Spirit of Freedom andLove: Challenges of St. Andrew’s University (published in November, 2016 by University EducationPress) written and edited by Teruso Taniguchi, Akito Ishikawa, and Kiyoshi Ito, which was theresult of the cooperative research project of Research Institute of St. Andrew’s University (14kyo 236), “Philosophical and Theological Reconsideration of ‘Christian Ethos of MomoyamaGakuin’: Relating to the Meaning of ‘Living’ and Concept of Service”.

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