Departmental Bulletin Paper 発達障害児のためのパソコンによる概念学習(Ⅰ): 学習プログラムの開発および予備調査の結果
Concept Learning Using Personal Computersfor Children with Developmental Disabilities ( I ) : Development of Learning Programsand Results of Preliminary Investigations

冷水, 啓子  ,  冷水, 來生

(6)  , pp.5 - 26 , 2017-03-10 , 桃山学院大学総合研究所
In this paper we report on our attempt to develop a PC-driven conceptlearning and achievement evaluation system for children with low-functioningdevelopmental disorders. In particular, we review previous studies, and reporton the results of two preliminary investigations which we have carried out.For the first preliminary investigation, a prototype PC program for measuringand evaluating concept formation levels in children with Autism SpectrumDisorder (ASD) was developed and carried out from October to November,2007. Subsequently, a second preliminary investigation was conducted fromOctober to December 2014 on second and third graders (all boys) enrolled ina School for Special Needs who were attending daycare after school.The results of these investigations, together with earlier research results,suggested the existence of categorization processes by semantic features inthe ASD children. In addition, their dependence on visual pathways and preferencefor using equipment such as personal computers was confirmed.The results of the latest investigation, conducted in 2015, are currentlybeing analyzed, and will be reported on in due course.

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