Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における乳業界の構造再編 : 「メラミン事件」の深刻な影響
Reorganization of the Dairy Industry in China:The Serious Influences on the Melamine Contaminated Milk Scandal

大島, 一二

This paper has clarified the present situation and problems in Chinesedairy industry(especially in cow’s milk production,processing and salesdivisions.) In China, dairy industry has made considerably largedevelopment due to the rapid increase of dairy products consumption inthe early 2000’s economic growth.However,after so-called melamine contaminated milk scandal in 2008;babies’ health damages caused by purposely contaminated melaminepigments into powdered milk,food safety problems became importantissues in the society.This scandal is supposed to be one of the most serious affairs whichfrequently happened in China since 2000, and made a huge influenceamong international society as well.It has aroused Chinese consumers’ consciousness on food securityrapidly among not only high-income class but also middle-income ones sothat administrative and food manufacturers had to respond.Chinese dairy industry has been suffered from radical avoidance andstagnant consumption of milk after the scandal.Consequences of the affairhave appeared as establishment of food security system and reorganizationof dairy-farm constructions.

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