Departmental Bulletin Paper ギデンズとイギリス知識人 : R.ウィリアムズ,E.P.トムスン,T.H.マーシャル
Anthony Giddens and British Intellectuals : R. Williams, E. P. Thompson, T. H. Marshall

宮本, 孝二

This paper, the fifth one of my project ‘Giddens and Sociologists’, aims toexplore reasons why Anthony Giddens, one of most famous sociologists inthe contemporary world, wrote papers concerning British intellectuals;Raymond Williams, Edward Palmer Thompson, and Thomas HumphreyMarshall. Williams(1921-88)was the Marxist literary critic and culturalhistorian whose works have exerted an extraordinary influence over thedevelopment of the Cultural Studies. Thompson(1924-93)was the socialhistorian and a leading participant in the new left movements. Marshall(1893-1981)is remembered above all for the brilliance of his work oncitizenship which has influenced studies of the social policy and welfarestate. The main findings are as follows.Giddens wrote each paper at each epoch-making stage in thedevelopment of his social theory. First, Giddens could find weak points ofWilliam’s cultural materialism, because he was preparing to publishContemporary Critique of Historical Materialism in 1981. Second, when heaccomplished his structuration theory in 1984, he could get a viewpoint tocriticize Thompson’ subjectivism in his The Making of the English WorkingClass. Third, in his works on the third way in 1990s, Giddens tried to seekfor new trends of post welfare state by rethinking the theory of citizenshiprights Marshall showed clearly in his Citizenship and Social Class.

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