Departmental Bulletin Paper 組織キャンプの先駆者小西孝彦が残したもの
Lessons Left by Takahiko Konishi, a Pioneer of Organized Camping in Japan

石田, 易司

This paper discusses the achievements of the late Takahiko Konishi, whowas one of Japan’s most prominent camp leaders who were active afterWorld War II, by referencing various materials, including his publications,the testimony of his acquaintances, and Konishi Takahiko-san-ni Manabu(“Learning from Takahiko Konishi”), which is a collection of writingscompiled as a memorial to him.Mr. Konishi had been involved in the field of organized camping fornearly 30 years, working as a camp counselor at Kobe Young Men’sChristian Association(Kobe YMCA), a camp leader at the NPO AsahiCamp and a campground owner. He played a significant role in thecreation of Japanese-style organized camping through his various activities.Among other things, he established an organized campground open to thegeneral public as the first of its kind in Japan, held the nation’s first campprogram for people with special needs, produced house-shaped tents and“fresh-air” tents in Japan, and authored publications on organized camping.Mr. Konishi sought to promote a movement to nurture young people─including not only children participating in camps but also studentvolunteers working as camp counselors─all without any expectation ofcompensation. He was also an advocate for respecting the rights of eachindividual, based on the idea of “Camping for All,” i.e., that everyone canenjoy camping.

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