Departmental Bulletin Paper EFL Students' Perceptions on the Use of Online Fantasy Sports


This article presents survey data from an English for Specific Purposes course using an online fantasy sports league as the main component. The goals of the study were to determine students' perceptions of (a) how well fantasy sports facilitated communication, (b) the overall experience of playing fantasy sports, and (c) how the use of CALL benefited playing fantasy sports. Upon completion of the course, students answered a 26 item, four-point Likert survey which reflected the goals of the study. Each response category was assigned a numerical value which allowed for quantified results to be obtained showing to what degree the students agreed with each item. Responses showed that students agreed most to items which stated that elements of CALL were beneficial to playing fantasy sports. Students also agreed to a considerable extent that fantasy sports helped to promote interactive communication. There was, however, moderate to strong disagreement among students regarding the usefulness of fantasy sports and overall enjoyment of the game. It was concluded that while an online fantasy sports league does contain elements which can benefit language learning, issues of complexity and relevance to general language use need to be addressed.

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