Departmental Bulletin Paper インドネシア, バリ州における環境調査-バリ島の人々の生活用水に焦点を当てて-
An Environmental Research Project in the State of Bali, the Republic of Indonesia : Focused on the Issue of Lifewater on the Island of Bali

松平, 功

The state of Bali comprises a tiny island, and makes up only 0.3 percent of the Republic of Indonesia. In spite of the size of the island, more than 4,000,000 people live there, and around 3,800,000 tourists visit every year. Moreover, the size of the population and the number of tourists continue to grow rapidly day by day. The question then arises : Is it possible for this tiny island to provide enough lifewater for such a large number of people? The purpose of this paper is to seek to answer the above question. Accordingly, six locations were researched, such as the village of Brimbingsari and Muraya in Jembrana prefecture, the village of Soka in Tabanan prefecture, the village of Suraya in Karangasem prefecture, and a water purification plant in Petanu, Gianyar prefecture. Specific explanations including crtain problems concerning the lifewater in each location are provided in this paper. In addition, the critical issue of the water shortage in the southern part of Bali was also researched. To resolve the problem in this area, the government of Indonesia has planned a mega project by which JICA had produced. This paper also pursues the above government scheme to supply this lifewater.

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