Departmental Bulletin Paper 忘れられた敵性外国人 : マン島に強制収容された日本人
Forgotten Enemy Aliens : Interned Japanese in the Isle of Man

金本, 伊津子

Japanese civilians who lived in the territories of the anti-Axis powers during World War II-i.e., the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, or Peru-were exposed to hostile attitudes in each society. For reasons of national security, most of them were relocated into internment camps or jails. In the UK, in addition to Germans, Italians, and Austrians, Japanese civilians were categorized as enemy aliens, and were relocated to a camp in the Isle of Man. (The Isle of Man is a small island located between Great Britain and Ireland, and historically has been a British Crown Dependency.) According to a newspaper report, about 200 Japanese civilians were sent to and arrived in the Isle of Man only five days after World War II broke out. Interestingly enough, this historical fact has been unknown not only among the Japanese but also the British. Although historical resources are very limited, this paper will reveal the experiences of the interned Japanese nationals in the Isle of Man during WWII, and discuss the reasons why Japanese as Enemy Aliens in the UK were forgotten in both Japan and the UK.

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