Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別活動におけるいじめの未然防止を促す「体験活動」に関する研究─ドイツ・ヘッセン州における「Service Learning」の取組に学ぶ─
Research on Experience-based Activities to Prevent Bullying : Findings from "Service Learning" Conducted in Hessen, Germany

松岡, 敬興

In this study, we examine the role of classroom activities in experience-based activities to prevent bullying. In Japan, bullying has long been one of its most serious social problems. In addition, Japanese children have extremely poor self-esteem. We therefore focus on experience-based activities and provide students with opportunities to act on their own will, aiming to let them realize their worthiness and enhance their self-esteem. In the first half of this study, we explain how experience-based activities contribute to character formation. In the latter half, we direct our attention to a class called "Service Learning" conducted inHessen, Germany. In this class, students play a leading part and undertake the process to think, make decisions, and move to action all on their own. Teachers serve simply as supporters who give advice only when deemed appropriate. What is considered important is the act of reviewing, in which students become aware of their own growth as well as listen to their friends' efforts, thereby developing understanding of each other. "Service Learning" is a means for overcoming the lack of successful experiences and self-confidence.

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