Departmental Bulletin Paper 日中間の農産物貿易の拡大と農民専業合作社の役割
Role of the Agricultural Cooperatives in the Expansion of Food Trading between Japan and China

大島, 一二

Domestic Japanese food production catered for 60% of the country's needs in the 1960s, but, by the late 2000s, that figure stood at 40%. This drop led to an increase in imports such as vegetables and processed food -most of which has recently come from China. In the early 2000s, there were serious food security problems in China. These posed challenges in Japan, a country which relies heavily on Chinese foodstuffs. In future, it will be important to build a system in Japan which is capable of sustaining agricultural food supplies, with the cooperation of exporting countries. Specifically, the system should nurture the link between Japan and China ; the technical aspects of agricultural food production and processing, both at government and company level, will be needed. In particular, Japanese consumer cooperatives should build partnerships with Chinese agricultural cooperatives, which have been recently organized in rural areas.

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