Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会の中のアーカイブと研究者の責任-地域資料の保存・活用の実践が目指すもの-
The Social Responsibility of Archivists and Researchers : The Goal of Conservation and Utilization of Regional Documents

島田, 克彦  ,  林, 美帆

The scope of interest of this research is : 1. That researchers of humanity and social sciences in the broad sense share not only the research results but also the documents which postulate the results, and establish a humanity and social sciences society where researchers approximate the subject of research based on documents. 2. To pursue the possibility that not only researchers but citizens as well take part in intellectual activities by accessing primary sources, investigating the truth about regional history, and sharing experiences in the region including large-scale natural disasters and pollution cases. To work especially on the second theme, it is the role as well as the responsibility of researchers of humanity and social sciences to clarify the value of documents which society must share. This study discusses these themes by considering the research history of urban society in modern Osaka and industrial reconstruction in the pollution-damaged area in Nishiyodogawa as a case study.

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