Departmental Bulletin Paper 精神保健福祉士の価値に基づいた実習教育に関する研究-指導者から伝授されたPSW の価値を実習生が体得していく過程-
A Study on Training Workshops Based on the Value of the Work of Psychiatric Social Workers ─An Observation of the Process of Trainees Learning the Value of Work of PSW Taught by Their Trainers─

山内, はるひ  ,  栄, セツコ

The Psychiatric Social Worker Act issued in 1997 was amended in 2011, putting more emphasis on exercises and training sessions in the training course. Training sessions are thought to play an important role in understanding the value of the work of psychiatric social workers (PSWs) and the formation of one's identity as a PSW. However, no study has so far investigated how trainers teach the value of the work of PSWs to trainees. This study clarifies how trainers teach the value of the work of PSWs to trainees and how the trainees acquire the knowledge by conducting semi-structured interviews with trainees and their trainers. We found that trainees experience a process : awareness, verbalization, deepening recognition, self-awareness, recalling knowledge from experience and practice, and value formation. At each stage of the process, the trainers supervise and teach the value of the work of PSWs to the trainees by teaching them to extract abstract values from specific cases and then choose which value to prioritize among contradicting values. The trainees strengthened their learning through a post-learning and field practice after the training. We consider the abilities of regarding their practice objectively, visualizing and verbalizing the value of their work, and maximizing their ability to supervise as prerequisites to being good trainers.

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