Departmental Bulletin Paper 「経験としての協働」を考える
The Consideration about "Cooperation as Experiences"

河辺, 純

The purpose of this paper is to "the cooperation" and what is called for "cooperation" in the mature modern society. Therefore it is necessary to let you clarify problems of" the experience as the cooperation". We start from such a problem, and try to ask it about something with" the cooperation as the experience". In this study," the experience" is considered in philosophy of organism of Whitehead, a study of intellectual history and the business administration of the early 20th century. The experience is not staying "now, here" personal and "is to be interacted". And "it is to be related". In other words, "an opposition tangle and disharmony" are included in experience with "harmony and unification" consistently. In such situation, the process when self and others are related to autonomously is experience. However, "the experience as the cooperation" in the present age coordinates opposition and disharmony by economic rational value. As a result, it is going to be unified in terms of time and spatially. Therefore we pay our attention to an ambiguity of "progress" and "the loss"," a break" and" the reproduction" in the process of the cooperation. It is to consider reproduction of the" cooperation as the experience".

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