Departmental Bulletin Paper 『プロレタリア歌論集』再読-その短歌の限界と可能性-(鈴木富久教授退任記念号)
Re-reading "Proletarian Tanka Poetics": Its Limits and Possibilities(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor SUZUKI Tomihisa)

松澤, 俊二

This paper is intended to study the proletarian tanka which rose during about 5 years from 1928 and declined immediately. Evaluation of proletarian tanka is not high so far. There are two reasons of low evaluation. First, because the tanka have been considered as politics, not Literary work. Second, the representation of tanka is a roar and vilification against the government and the capitalists, and this is because it is not individual, and mannerism and critics thought. However, it must be noted that such evaluation having been made from modern tanka's sense of values which considers that expression of individuality is the most important. Therefore, it is impossible from the sense of values to discuss the proletarian tanka which appeared as an antithesis of a modern tanka from the start. In the light of this fact, It is necessary to reconsider old research of a proletarian tanka and tanka work itself. In this paper, I gave priority to that I took up the expectations of the proletarian poet at that time. For this purpose, I chose "Proletarian Tanka poetics" as a research material. And it was clarified why the rut expression was repeated Tanka work, social circumstances surrounding its Tanka movement, and how was thought to increase the fan proletarian Tanka. In addition the existence of the proletarian tanka confirmed that it becomes a ruler to measure the political character of the modern tanka that attention had not been applied to until now.

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