Departmental Bulletin Paper ギデンズのマルクス研究-近代社会の構造と変動-(鈴木富久教授退任記念号)
Giddens' Studies on Marx's Works :Structure and Change of Modern Societies(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor SUZUKI Tomihisa)

宮本, 孝二

The works of Karl Marx(1818-1883)have exerted an extraordinary influence over the development of modern social theory. This paper, the third one of my project `Giddens and Sociologists', aims to explore how Anthony Giddens, one of most famous sociologists in the contemporary world, interpreted, revised and enlarged Marx's social theory through studying his works. The main findings are as follows. First, through interpreting Marx's works, Giddens found the basic construction and contour of Marx's social theory in his early works. His social theory is constructed on the basic theory of nation-state and capitalism. Second, by revising Marx's class theory, Giddens formed the theory of class structuration. According to the theory of class structuration, the class structure is produced not only by the relations of production but also by the other socio-economic factors and it includes not only socioeconomic class but also political class or elite. Third, by introducing the theory of power, Giddens enlarged the historical materialism which is Marx's theory of social change. Driving forces of modern social change are powers of states and movements as well as revolutionary power of capitalism developing in the global systems.

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