Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域における再生可能エネルギ : 事業の実態と課題-事業化の主体と資金調達の方法に関する分析を中心に
Actual Situations and Problems of Local Renewable Energy Projects: Focusing on Subjects and Finance(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor IMAKI Hidekazu,Professor CHUN Jae-Moon)

査, 蕾

In this paper, I examine some of renewable energy projects implemented by local governments or local residents, focusing on subjects and finance of the projects and schemes to distribute their fruits to local economies. In each case, which is working on local revitalization through the use of renewable energy, the main subject and motive are different from each other. Also the way of returning the profit of the projects to local investors and residents has several varieties in those cases. The projects examined in this paper are categorized as "NPO initiative type," "village initiative type," and "administration initiative type." For each type, problems for regional revitalization are clarified.

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