Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国農村における郷鎮政府・村民委員会組織の再編
Reorganization of the Township Governments and Villagers' Committees in Chinese Rural Districts

大島, 一二

At present, reorganization is occurring rapidly in Chinese rural districts.Along with economical development in rural districts, most structural reorganization of township governments and villagers' committees involve simplification and reduction of staff. Particularly, due to the tax reforms in the mid 2000's incomes of these rural district organizations was decreased, and couldn't be maintained any more. Now township governments and economical abilities of villagers' committees are gradually being reduced. However there is remarkable development of private enterprises in rural districts, farmers' mutual aid organizations and cooperative unions. In the late 2000's "farmers specialized cooperatives" which are a type of cooperative union by farmers also are expanding. Thus while the organizations of township governments and villagers' committees are losing power gradually, new financial organizations are developing, and the power relationships of rural districts are changing.

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