Departmental Bulletin Paper 「資本の本源的蓄積」とソ連/ロシア(上)
The Primitive Accumulation of Capital and the Experiences of the Soviet Industrialization, Part 1

上野, 勝男

In this essay, it is argued that the Soviet Union was the unique historical structure which first failed to definitively go out of the orbit of capitalism toward to socialism, then through the specific zig-zags of trial and error, eventually was to return the capitalism again. In this regard the Stalinist period should be considered one of varieties of "the primitive accumulation of capital". Marx's view of the primitive accumulation of capital in his `Das Kapital' provides the basic vantage points for this analysis. Particularly it would be important to understand that the primitive accumulation of capital is the necessary preliminary of the specifically capitalistic mode of production, not just for establishing the mode of capitalist production generally. In this essay, we apply this idea for analyzing the Soviet Industrialization in the Stalinist era.

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