Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における新型農業職業教育の形成と貧困農村への影響 : 河北省邢台市農業学校の事例分析
New Formation of Agricultural Vocational Education and Its Impact on Poor Rural Villages in China: A Case of the Xingtai City Agricultural Secondary Vocational School (Special Issue Dedicated to Professor IMAKI Hidekazu,Professor CHUN Jae-Moon)

劉, 飛  ,  竹歳, 一紀

Agriculture plays an important role in China. Stable agricultural development ensures the progress of Chinese economy and also effectively increases income of peasants and improves rural economy. Agricultural vocational education is an important key for the agricultural development. In China, Agricultural Secondary Vocational School takes the responsibility of agricultural vocational education. It is the main institution that brings up the rural agricultural talents. In order to fit the development of agriculture and rural economy, Agricultural Secondary Vocational School should explore new educational patterns unremittingly. In Hebei province, new agricultural vocational educational pattern called "send education to countryside" has been created. It perfectly adapts to the development of local rural economy. "Send education to countryside" takes full advantages of local resources by spreading agricultural knowledge and technique and improving peasants' quality in the aspect of agricultural knowledge. It fosters agricultural talents for the development of local agriculture and countryside.

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