Departmental Bulletin Paper 先進文明による介入に関する一考察-米テレビ連続SFドラマ番組「スター・トレック」における「最優先指令」から考える-(原山煌教授,Philip Billingsley教授退任記念号)
A Politico-Cultural Inquiry into Intervention in the Developing World: Contemporary Significance of Star Trek's Prime Directive(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor HARAYAMA Akira,Professor Philip Billingsley)

松村, 昌廣

This study will explore the relevance of the so-called Prime Directive as found in Star Trek, a very popular U.S. T.V. science fiction drama, for comparative political and area studies, with a major focus on the application of it to advanced Western modern states' intervention in the developing world after multi-ethnic empires. The paper will elucidate the directive, followed by an interim definition of "advancedness" and "backwardedness". The analytical focus will be placed on why such intervention will cause unexpected and undesired resultants that will further lead to intractable complication and entanglement later. Then the work will argue for the wisdom of "divide and rule" and warn of being driven by moralized commitment to intruding as modernizer and to missionary zeal to interfere as democratizer.

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