Departmental Bulletin Paper 教職実践演習における「教師学」訓練の実践(原山煌教授,Philip Billingsley教授退任記念号)
Teacher Effectiveness Training as a Teacher Education Program(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor HARAYAMA Akira,Professor Philip Billingsley)

島田, 勝正

Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) is a teacher education program which aims at the establishment of effective relations between teachers and students. The program begins by determining who has the problem, student or teacher. If the student, the teacher applies active listening to discover the feelings behind the problem and feeds those feelings back to the student. If the teacher, she/he should deliver an I-message to the student to indicate how the problem makes her /him feel. Student teachers were required to describe their interactions with students during teaching practice, and to analyze the interactions based on the T.E.T. framework. Finally, they were asked to discuss how they should have communicated with the students through reflecting on their role-play practice.

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