Departmental Bulletin Paper 「こうして彼はジェイ・ギャツビーなる人物を創造した」-『グレート・ギャツビー』再読-(原山煌教授,Philip Billingsley教授退任記念号)
"So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby": The Great Gatsby and its Narrative Technique(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor HARAYAMA Akira,Professor Philip Billingsley)

小野, 良子

This paper is an attempt to re-examine the narrative technique adopted in The Great Gatsby. The first chapter deals with the structure and the authority of the first-person narrative. The second chapter analyzes how Gatsby, introduced as the main character of the book, is portrayed from the narrator's point of view. The narrator assumes the role of the omniscient "I" and endeavors to recollect the smallest details of his encounter with Gatsby ; however, the `authorized' story-telling reveals the psychological depth of the narrator himself and his emotionally biased judgements about Gatsby. The first-person narrative fails to present the clear portrayal of Gatsby, only to create the character in the way the narrator wants to see.

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