Departmental Bulletin Paper 朝鮮禊会の活動とその論理─植民地朝鮮における国家神道の宗教性─(高成廈教授・寺木伸明教授 退任記念号)
Theory & Practice in the "Shinto-Ablutions Performing Group of Korea" (朝鮮禊会): On the Religious Nature of State Shinto in Colonial Korea(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor KO Sung-Ha,Professor TERAKI Nobuaki)

青野, 正明

In this paper I seek to clarify the theory and practice of the "Shinto-Ablutions Performing Group of Korea" (朝鮮禊会), pointing out that, while recognizing the religious element in Shinto, the group steadfastly maintained that the practice of Shinto attained a higher plane over and above simple religion. The ascetics of the group held that, by carrying out ablutions (禊行), Shinto believers were able to attain unity with the ancestral gods. Needless to say, the worship of ancestral gods has a direct connection with the worship of Amaterasu Omikami (天照大神), the ancestral goddess of Japan's Imperial House. The ascetics of the group are thus directly linked to the ideology of the Japanese emperor system.

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