Departmental Bulletin Paper アレグザンダ・ベインの感情論(2) ─『感情と意志』第3版─(高成廈教授・寺木伸明教授 退任記念号)
Alexander Bain's Theory of Emotion (2) :The Emotion and the Will, Third Edition(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor KO Sung-Ha,Professor TERAKI Nobuaki)

本間, 栄男

In this paper I clarify the influence of the evolutionary thought of Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin on Alexander Bain's theory of emotion. Bain learned evolutionary psychology from Spencer's The Principles of Psychology (second edition, 1870-1872) and took examples of the expression of emotions and their principles from Darwin's The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872). When Bain introduced evolutionary thought in earnest for the first time in his The Emotion and the Will (third edition, 1875), he believed that emotion could only be explained to a limited extent by organic evolution. In particular, Bain thought that moral sentiments, which Spencer believed human beings had acquired in the course of evolution and which had since become innate, were acquired by personal experience rather than being inherited. On the other hand, he believed that sympathy and affection, which formed the basis of morality, were inherited.

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