Departmental Bulletin Paper コミュニティ・ビジネスの視点で捉えた再生可能エネルギー事業 : 地域振興における意義を中心に
Renewable Energy Project and Community Business: Focusing on Local Economic Revitalization Efforts

査, 蕾

With the change of social and economic environment in Japan, the subject of the local economy revitalization attracts much attention. After the introduction to Feed in Tariff (FIT) of renewable energy in 2012, the renewable energy power stations funded by public citizens have been constructed all around Japan. Through the public financing, these economic activities constructing power stations and selling electricity make use of the local natural resources, such as wind energy, solar energy, and biogas. Meanwhile, it has become a universal focus in public how the economic activity achievements can contribute to solve of the local economic and social problems. Combing the use of renewable energy with the community business, this paper discusses the function and significance of the revitalization of the local economy. Firstly, it introduces the definition of community business and the development in Europe. Secondly, it discusses the social and economic factors of the focus of community business in Japan from the perspective of endogenous development. Finally, through the examples of renewable energy dominated by the local residents in Germany and Japan at present, it discusses the great significance of the community business model.

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