Departmental Bulletin Paper オリンピックエンブレム騒動を契機にデザインの知的財産権について考える
Thinking about Intellectual Property Rights of Design around the Tokyo Olympic Emblem Affair(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor IMAKI Hidekazu,Professor CHUN Jae-Moon)

山本, 順一

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. In order to promote this international event, the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games once determined a new emblem designed by Kenjiro Sano. After Sano's emblem had officially adopted, there happened lots of claims at once that Sano stole others' design. Eventually, the Organising Committee withdrew Sano's design logo. The author feels a little queer about this plagiarism problem that many, many Japanese people enjoyed in the real world and cyberspace. A person makes one thing by oneself. After its completion, another person usually says that it has some resemblance to something which he or she saw anywhere. There exist innumerable works all over the world. It is not a miracle that a newly made so-called original work resembles to ready-made ones at some points. The author feels, many people in Japan are used to make a fuss about emotional similarities, and thinks that a transformative work should be permissive. But, the author doesn't always consider the Sano's emblem design transformative.

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