Departmental Bulletin Paper 中世ロシア文学図書館(XII)中世ロシアの説教3 トゥーロフのキリルの説教

三浦, 清美

30 ( 1 )  , pp.5 - 38 , 2018-02-01 , 電気通信大学
The present author publishes 7 preaches of Kirill of Turov (1130- some time after 1182): “A sermon on human soul and body”, “A sermon on white priest and being a monk”, “ Archimandrite Vasily’s epistle on Schema monk”, “A sermon on the Willow Sunday”, “A sermon on the New Sunday after the Easter”, “A sermon on the Descent of Christ from the cross”, “A sermon on the weakened”. Kirill of Turov was born of one of the rich and educated families of Turov, an ancient town of Kievan Rus’, now located in Belorus’. He was trained in the disciplines of Christianity, mastered languages, including Greek, and was later appointed Episcope of Turov. He was an excellent preacher called “Johannes Golden Mouth” of Kievan Rus’. His sermon were dynamic depiction of the essence of Eastern Christianity. The contemporary political situation involved him in the struggle for power against Andrei Bogoljubucky, an influential politician of the time. Kirill was on the side of Kievan and Turovian prince Yuri Yaroslavich and reproached Andrei for his political ambitions, including his attempt to deprive the patriarchate of Constantinople of the control over the religious community of Kievan Rus’, particularly the episcopate of Rostov.

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