Departmental Bulletin Paper コンセント単位での計測を可能としたフリーソフトウェアツールによる消費電力値自動収集システムの実装と改善

竹内, 純人  ,  タケウチ, スミト  ,  Takeuchi, Sumito

28(1) ( 28(1) )  , pp.61 - 69 , 2016-02-01 , The University of Electro-Communications
To collect electricity consumption, the automated data acquisition system has been developed since 2013 by the Operational Improvement Project team in the Department of Academic Engineering Services, the University of Electro-Communications. In this system, Electricity consumption is measured by the sensor of microcomputer, followed by sending data to the data collection server using local area network. And free software tools are employed to control this data acquisition process. To obtain detailed information about electricity consumption, we started collecting data based on wall outlet unit. We also added feature to get the graph data of power consumption for specific time period on the Web.In this report, we introduce the automated data acquisition system to collect electricity consumption, and explain some troubleshooting tasks occurred during the operation.

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